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Lava Cookie, soft taste explosion!

The unique texture combination of both a crunchy crust and a soft flowing inside: Lava Cookies! The flavors of the lava fillings deliver a true taste explosion! Each unique filling is delicious creamy without dripping. The crater in the volcanic top of the cookie shows the lava filling through the crust. Try them all and pick your favorite Lava Cookie!

Caramel-sea salt

Baked golden brown : it’s a finger licking cookie…
The delicious biscuit crust contains a
lava of tasty caramel sea salt filling.


Biscuits and chocolate is the perfect combination by itself.
On top of that, this choco cookie has a creamy
coconut filling. It’s totally worth a try!


This crunchy golden cookie has
a lava of delightful hazelnut filling:
Yes, you are officially in heaven.


A delicious choco cookie is a treat on it’s own.
The softest vanilla filling makes this cookie
irresistible. You don’t stand a chance…

Now in stores!

De Graaf Bakeries | PO box 162, 3750 GD Spakenburg, The Netherlands |